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Sep 11, 2013|

MAJIC In The Morning/ Alex & Terri chat w/ Al Pitrelli from TSO. Find out what to expect for the TSO show at the Frank Erwin Center on December 26th. Tickets on sale Saturday, September 14th @ 10am! http://www.uterwincenter.com/events/2013/TSO

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Charlie -- -- in the final performances of the critically acclaimed. Rock opera of the loss Christmas even what is going on -- Hawaii the last performances. Well my boss and a creator Chris Webber -- orchestra -- mail. Decided a couple of years ago that he wanted to changeup Iraq opera there were performing here skier. So region operations against 99 we've been performing Christmas you've been other stories and while we were doing that now -- we had been recording other rock operas they're had been released and and the community that embraces he has those kind of you know brilliant join those as well part of the Christians trilogy. So he decided he wanted to do the lost Chris receive a couple of years ago and this year would chart below you know it was received beautifully last year. Willits who want more year and how much scattered -- -- -- able to change it up you know every couple years ago and kind of bring these other rock opera still -- we have. Such a depth to our catalog now you know Paul and his partner Charlie -- are -- credible writers we have so -- really really great -- -- That we like just presented in the -- new year -- year. OK so it's common Thursday the day after Christmas December 26. The current events center 2 shows at 3 o'clock show and an 8 o'clock show. Trouble word executive's ultimate beautiful town for the artist not him not commit chapters which -- great place to be out of Austin and Austin's been such a great offers so many years. Al I want you to tell everyone who has never seen transit here in artistry there probably are still few out there. What is so special about the show what are they gonna take away from. First lord help false story is just one of those you know great Christmas stories I grew up watching it's a wonderful life. A miracle on 34 street arm -- a Christmas you can other stores richest person through -- shoppers had that similar Frank Capra esque kind of feel to it sort of the -- Christmas -- so. You -- walk away you know we're -- the -- heartwarming tale of redemption you're going to be exposed to some incredible incredible musicianship and beautiful part of that is that these musicianship is good for you know people five years -- and by the fact -- result will be -- cover everything from Mozart -- right -- -- -- pretty aggressive heavy metal pan -- one -- -- take that story -- -- -- beautiful sound design and orchestration you know you're also -- witness for most incredible rock and roll. Arena production period. I mean between the pyro the blazers to moving trusses to video content screens just. The scale of it has like stadium rock general show kind of put -- that beautiful -- -- one -- We're -- down for Charlie for the trans Siberian orchestra were all excited they're coming to town December 26. Tickets are on sale September 14 that's our 3 o'clock show and an 8 o'clock show. The day after Christmas perfect timing. Stated Texas in general's been great charitable and cultural ideas and Austin particular she's beautiful kind of you know two to play that building the day after Christmas is going to be -- going to be a really really great way to celebrate dollars. Well thanks to kick it into the Sally can't wait to see you on December 20. Talk Terri thanks you timeout static about whether she goes through which everybody in listening area happy holidays as we get along the coast of Georgia.